Wellness Retreats

Wellness Retreats for Women with Belinda Anderson


A week to bring you back to what life’s all about.

A time to reconnect with what matters and disconnect from what doesn’t.

An opportunity to get clear on what you do want and let go of what no longer serves you.

A chance to make yourself a priority and give back to yourself wholly and completely.

An empowering journey of self-discovery. 

Busy? Tired? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Feel disconnected from yourself and life? Need some time and space to break the cycle and step away from the busy-ness and demands of daily life to have some sacred ‘me time’ to re-connect with yourself and life?

Women aged between 25 – 69 from all backgrounds and walks of life have attended these Retreats to rest, reflect, re-connect, step out of their comfort zone, and replenish. Many have returned a second, third, and even a fourth time as they got a taste of something they want ‘more’ of!

When you remove the external distractions, schedules, to-do-lists, responsibilities and noise you are able to re-connect with your true self and for some, this is big, as they’ve lost this connection and sense-of-self through being someone they’re not and through living up to everyone else’s expectations.

These Retreats are unique, personalised and have been mindfully designed by a woman (me) to provide women with what they need to ignite their mojo and zest for life! Fiji and Ubud in Bali have also been carefully selected as my chosen destinations to hold these Retreats and once you attend, you will feel the connection yourself and understand why.

I recently wrote an article for Journeys To Come By Catriona Rowntree on Why All Women Need to Travel Solo at Least Once in Their Life and I invite you to read it.

If you’re ready to travel an inward journey of self-discovery, come join us for an empowering, soul-nourishing and life-changing week!

They sell-out quickly, so ensure you secure your place.

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