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I mentor women who have disconnected from their true self, but who are courageously prepared to do what it takes to reconnect, show up, stand up and seek more from life. I create soul-nourishing, mind-altering and heart-opening retreats in magical parts of the world where women get to travel an empowering journey of self-discovery and awaken to greater heights.
I existed day to day in the corporate world in a bit of a haze and I knew I had to change. Reading Belinda’s book and coaching facilitated me standing up and owning my life. Attending 3 retreats (booked in for no.4) has taken my personal and business growth next level and I am now on a path beyond my wildest imagination!
Louise Allen

Owner, Little Alice Cafe & Sparrow Nest

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I first met Belinda when I attended one of her retreats in Fiji. I had no idea what this time away would mean for me – it was way more than I ever expected!

From being on the brink of burnout, in a high pressure corporate role with 2 kids under 3, to returning home feeling empowered, I made some big decisions! I’m now running an online business from home and empowering others through writing my own blog.

To say my life has changed is an understatement. I have now booked in for my second retreat in Bali and cannot wait to see where my life takes me next

Helen Cantwell

Blogger, Wild Hearted Goddess

My journey with Belinda started with her online 21-Day Mind Cleanse program and with the results I achieved, I booked my first Retreat with Belinda in Fiji and it was an amazing, life-changing experience!

It helped me slow down, gain perspective, gain self-acceptance and helped me move forward.

Two months later I was back for more, but this time on the Bali Retreat! I can honestly say I am not the same person I was a year ago! We all meet people from time to time who have a profound effect on us and on our life and Belinda has been one of those people for me!

Faieka Abrahams

Life Coach, Inspire To Evolve

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