Women's Retreat in Bali

5-Night Bali Wellness Retreat For Women

A sacred space to rest, relax and replenish
Replenish Your Spirit
This Retreat is designed for women needing some time and space to rest, relax, reflect, are ready to enhance their personal and spiritual growth and emerge feeling inspired, empowered and refreshed.

Women aged between 25 – 69 and from all backgrounds and walks of life have attended these Retreats to help re-connect with their true self and get clear on who they are and what they want from life.

You may be travelling to Bali but what you’ll truly be doing is travelling within and taking yourself on an empowering journey of self-discovery!

“I envision a world filled with women traveling alone and meeting each other on the path.” – Sark

5-Night Wellness Retreat with Belinda Anderson

at Warwick Ibah Luxury Villas and Spa, Ubud, Bali

25th November – 30th November 2020
Postponed due to COVID-19 – new dates tbc

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Are you ready to…

Rest, relax, reflect and emerge feeling energised and inspired?

Nourish your mind, body and soul?

Connect with your true self?

Step away from your busy life?

Give back to yourself?

Make yourself a priority?

Enhance your personal and spiritual growth?

Shift your perception and mindset?

Awaken the energy within?

Step out of your comfort zone?

Connect with like-minded women?

Spend time in one the most spiritual and divine resorts and destinations in the world?

If YES, this life-changing, empowering and soul-nourishing 5 night Retreat is for YOU!

Activities to Replenish Ones Self
Serenity and Spirituality
Active Living
Rest and Relaxation
Embrace Bali's Culture

Ubud, Bali

Deep in the mountainous centre of Bali, among hanging banyan trees and lush rice paddies, is a small town thought to be the Indonesian island’s spiritual and cultural heart. Ubud, meaning medicine has long been known as a mystical place, rich in healing powers.

Following on from Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, and subsequent movie Eat Pray Love (one woman’s story of finding happiness, spirituality and love in a year of travel ending in Ubud), a full-blown authentic, spiritual, and wellness destination has come alive; offering services and experiences that go well beyond mastering the downward dog yoga pose.

Ubud is known for its holistic healing nature and in the past few years it has become something of a raw food capital, with more vegetarian, vegan and raw food restaurants per square kilometre than New York or Los Angeles.

Meditate in Gorgeous Surroundings

Some words from women who have attended this Retreat:

I’m not sure I have the words to articulate how much you and the retreat have helped change my life.

I first came across you when your Facebook page appeared one night when I was at rock bottom going through a toxic marriage break down. I liked your page and didn’t think much more about it and then almost every day something would pop up from you and resonate with me so deeply, your vibe and passion is so infectious and I needed more of it in my life.

The stress in my life was so huge I just knew I had to do something to break the cycle and find myself again. So I did it the most scary thing I have ever done, I booked a retreat overseas by myself. I was a little bit excited but completely terrified and I nearly pulled out several times.

I’m so very grateful that I didn’t and that you assured me it was normal to be scared, because honestly it’s been one of the most important weeks of my life. I had time to finally focus on me and find out who I am again.

From the moment I arrived at Warwick Ibah in Ubud I could feel how sacred and nurturing this facility was, my room was truly divine and I couldn’t imagine a place more perfect for a retreat.

Then all the magic started to happen, the space you created for us to be able to dig deep into our souls and allow the things that were holding us back to come out and be felt so we could move forward.

OMG the first few days were so painful for me, allowing all those things that I tucked away to come out and feel the rawness of them again, but so incredibly therapeutic at the same time I could feel them lifting from me once I truly allowed myself to feel them. Everything throughout the week had perfect timing and by the end of the week I could feel such a huge shift in myself. I truly felt that finally my fight or flight response had been turned off and a calmness came over me that I haven’t felt for a very long time.

Then there was the most amazing group of women to share my journey with, when I booked the retreat I didn’t even consider that I would make such special friends. I’m quite a shy person with people but to be in a group of women with such beautiful souls and energy really made the retreat so much more special than I imagined. Every single woman there made a huge impact on me and I will be forever grateful that our lives crossed paths and I’m very much looking forward to our reunion.

It’s been six weeks since the retreat and I can’t believe how much I have changed in myself, I feel so much more empowered and have the skills and tools to deal with the stresses of life better. My heart is open and I now trust in my path. I have continued to lose weight and feel so much healthier and happier. My family and friends have noticed the change in me and I often get comments how beautiful it is to see my real smile again and not the one I faked for so many years.

I will be forever grateful that you came into my life Belinda, you have an amazing gift and we are all so blessed that you are sharing it! I can’t recommend your retreats enough and I’m looking forward to doing another one asap.

Cherie Hannan

For as long as I can remember I felt “different” to most people around me. At times, jokingly I was labelled “weird” or “crazy” and so this is how I saw myself. I saw my way of thinking as a negative. A way that would never let me “fit into a perfect shaped box”. Living in a small country rural town, I became someone that I thought I had to be. I felt like a disappointment as I couldn’t completely shift my way of thinking, and frankly it was because I couldn’t accept myself.

Over the years I became exhausted from life and at times I truly thought I didn’t want anymore part in it. Yet, there was always something else, someone else inside me that knew I had so much more to offer, so much more to become.

Some would say “you’re lucky you realised this so young”, but it’s not luck, it’s hard work. It is hard work to stand up, when you have little self-worth and self-love and acknowledge; I can’t continue living this way, I want more and I deserve more.

Booking the retreat was completely out of my comfort zone, but the life experiences, knowledge and the life long friends I now have, outweigh the panic attack I had when booking, the anxiety leading up to it and missing the family during it.

I can’t thank each and every one of the beautiful souls that were a part of our retreat for empowering, encouraging, and believing in me. For teaching me each day, that no matter what – we are not alone. We are one. We are a part of something bigger than just ourselves.

Belinda, thank you so much for putting so much love and effort into your work. Without your guidance and support throughout the retreat, it wouldn’t have been what it was! Thank you for allowing me to heal, thank you for allowing me to accept my higher self and thank you for bringing such beautiful souls together to become a family away from family.

My advice is: Believe in yourself to take that step; book the retreat. Feel through the experience of life, be the experience and stop being an excuse. No one has left this retreat saying “I regret making this choice for myself”.

Kate Robertson

I’ve always had an issue with the notion that you had to attend church to be spiritually connected to anything and that without a label for your own beliefs that you were somehow faithless.

I would align myself with a science based background and system of beliefs which can blur the lines between spirituality and knowledge. Given all of this I didn’t really know what I had to gain from the retreat, but went into it with an open mind and a commitment to try everything and be present. And aren’t I glad I did!!

The experience can’t be labelled or sorted into neat little compartments of learning, but each day, each workshop, each physical activity, each connection with other members has given me something positive. Mostly, gratitude. Ubud is an amazing location for Belinda to guide and connect women in a unique way not possible at home. Thank you Belinda!

Karla May

I have been thinking about what to write and what I want to say first is: ‘Thank you!’

I arrived looking forward to a week away from the day-to-day pressures we all face as working mums. I was exhausted, sick, and feeling like I wasn’t being the best version of me. I was trying not to put any expectations on what was to come and even though I have the support of my family, I still felt guilty leaving them to make ME a priority.

It is a leap of faith to travel a new path with new people but I am proud and so thankful that I did it. Belinda guided us through a week of amazing food, delicious juices, lots of laughter (and tears), meditations, yoga, pilates, self-reflection, letting go, gratefulness, cleansing fire ritual, healing holy water, relaxing massages, energy healings, inspiring women, smiling locals, Balinese priests, shopping, swimming, sleeping, dancing and even some mojitos!

After an amazing week I have left with new, life-long friends, a full heart, clarity, joy and excitement for the future. I have returned to my family recharged, rebalanced and inspired. Can’t wait for the reunion retreat!

Krista Pedley-Smith

Thank you Belinda, and thank you Bali, for the most life-changing week of my life.

I signed up for the retreat because it was time to do something for me. I was desperate for a break from life on the farm with three young children. When I left, I realised that spending a week opening my mind and re-discovering myself would also be a gift for my family.

The setting was magical, and so was the ride ahead. My most defining moment was discovering that things I had tried to sweep under the carpet over time were still right there under the surface and needed to be addressed and dealt with. They were unknowingly eating me up inside and changing me as a person.

During the retreat I stepped out of my comfort zone, I experienced incredible highs and life-changing lows. I felt alive and free for the first time in…forever.

To spend such intense moments with a wonderful group of women will bond us for a lifetime. We may have been strangers, but we all had something in common – we were strong women, seeking more from life and prepared to stand up and do something about it.

I have returned home standing tall, feeling proud and ready for whatever crosses my path.

Abbie Tiller


You will be treated to an experience like no other at one of Ubud’s best kept secrets: Warwick Ibah Luxury Villas & Spa.

Located on royal grounds overlooking a lush river valley and rice paddy fields, Ibah is for travellers seeking luxury accommodation complete with old-world, majestic charm. The breathtaking grounds leave you feeling like you’re a world away, yet you’re actually within easy walking distance to the main shopping, cafe, Spa and restaurant precinct of Ubud.

Health and Solitude in Bali


  • 5 nights’ luxury accommodation (choose the type of accommodation that suits your style).
  • Breakfast daily + a replenishing freshly made nutritious juice to help kick-start your day.
  • A fresh juice and canapés at Welcome Event.
  • Indonesian set menu dinner on day of arrival.
  • Mindful movement sessions.
  • Scenic and breathtaking adventure walks through the rice fields.
  • Deeply relaxing guided meditations and visualisation sessions to help you connect deep within, and let go of what no longer serves you.
  • Empowering personal growth and spiritually awakening workshops.
  • 50 minute Ibah Signature Facial
  • 50 minute Balinese Massage.
  • A soul adventure day tour: Bathing in the pools at the sacred water temple Tirtha Empul, is an unparalleled experience. The temple, built in the 9th Century, has 13 ornate spouts, and each stream of cool fresh water represents a different type of purification, from fertility and love to protection and healing.
  • Full use of the Resorts Facilities: salt water swimming pool, sun lounges, private jacuzzi, library, mountain bikes. Body, Mind and Spirit Replenishment
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary afternoon tea daily.
  • Free Shuttle service in Ubud area.
  • Airport transfers for your arrival and departure.

Please note: Flights are not included.

Additional extras to deeper enhance your experience

I purposely have not included lunch and dinner in the package (apart from dinner on the first day) as there is an abundance of amazing places to eat that we will enjoy together. Closer to the retreat commencing you will be sent menus to make your choices. The other reason I have not included lunch and dinner is because it allows you to choose exactly what you want and because the prices are very affordable.

Also not included in the package but will be part of the retreat is a gentle and nurturing Yin Yoga class, Sound Healing (vibrational medicine) and a 3-Course Chef’s tasting dinner and the sacred healing Agni Hotra Fire Ceremony at the world-renowned Fivelements Retreat. These things are additional extras that will help you go deeper within and further enhance your retreat experience.

You will also enjoy a shopping expedition or two and when your body wants a rest, you can pay many visits to one of the numerous Spa’s located in Ubud.

Variety is very much be on the agenda at this Retreat! And the good news is, all of these are incredibly affordable!

Closer to the date a private Facebook group will be set up for everyone to connect and you will also receive an Itinerary that will outline everything….it will all be organised for you, so the only job you have is to ‘show up’ with an open mind and heart and allow yourself to receive!

This Retreat is ALL about YOU – it is about filling yourself up so you are overflowing with love, joy, happiness, peace and fulfilment!
It’s about connecting with what matters and disconnecting from what doesn’t.

You matter.

Your health matters.

Your happiness matters.

Your needs matter.

Time Out to Just Be

Although there will be lots to see and do, there will also be plenty of time to relax and take in the magic and serenity of Ibah and Ubud.

Aaah yes…time to unwind, let go and just be.

So many downtime options to choose from: read a good book, take a nap, be pampered, swim, laze by the tranquil pool, connect within, meditate, daydream, get lost in the present moment, enjoy meaningful conversations with like-minded women and immerse yourself in the beauty and expansiveness around you.

Specifically Designed

These Retreats are unique, personalised and have been specifically designed to give women what they need! They are not your typical Health Retreat…cocktails and coffee are NOT forbidden! Yes, our focus is on cleansing and healing our mind, body and soul, and health and wellness, but that does not mean denying yourself of life’s little pleasures at times. I’m an advocate of the 80/20 rule.

My aim is to provide you with an experience of a lifetime that you will treasure forever and for you to return home knowing that “ME” is not a dirty word. You will no longer confuse self-care with selfishness because you will understand how making yourself a priority and giving back to yourself is the key to overall health and happiness.

Your Investment

Please note: All prices are quoted in Australian dollars (AUD), and flights are not included.

You have a choice to pay in full and received a discount or for convenience and budgeting purposes you can choose the instalment option.

Please email: contact@belindaanderson.com.au to check availability on your room preference.

Regarding the double/twin share option, this is for those who will be sharing the experience with a friend and would like to share a room together.

If choosing to pay by credit card via Paypal, fees & charges will apply.

Bedroom in Bali. Treetop Suites.

Treetop Suite

Treetop Suites are spacious suites. They have large balconies with terrazzo floors and spacious marble bathrooms. Each has a covered outdoor living area, air conditioned bedroom with king size bed, large bathroom and dining room and beautiful views into the forested Campuhan River Valley.

Pay in full: $3,000.00

Instalment Option: $3,200.00

A deposit of $550 due now to secure your place, followed by monthly instalments that work best for you. Upon booking we are happy to discuss this further to come up with a suitable arrangement.

Ibah Suite in Bali
Ibah Suite Bedroom in Bali

Ibah Suite

Ibah Suites are spacious freestanding suites with charm of the architecture and the colonial-style interiors, including stone walls carved with sculptures, hand crafted antique wooden doors, floors of teak and soft marble, ceramics, and Javanese glass paintings, outdoor living areas and dining spaces; some Ibah suites also have private gardens and fish ponds.

Pay in full: $3,300.00

Instalment option: $3,500.00

A deposit of $550 due now to secure your place, followed by monthly instalments that work best for you. Upon booking we are happy to discuss this further to come up with a suitable arrangement.

Royal Suite in Bali

Royal Suite

Royal Suites are spacious mezzanine bedrooms with a king size bed in a private compound which provides an exceptionally generous space for guests. They have ponds, outdoor showers, and lovely gardens and offers a pleasant view across the Campuhan River valley.

Pay in full: $3,600.00

Instalment Option: $3,800.00

A deposit of $550 due now to secure your place, followed by monthly instalments that work best for you. Upon booking we are happy to discuss this further to come up with a suitable arrangement.

Pool Villa in Bali

One bedroom Pool Villa

One bedroom Pool Villas are large villas with private pool and private garden, outdoor shower, spacious bathroom, king size bed, outdoor living area with a pleasant view across the Campuhan River valley.

Pay in full: $4,100.00

Instalment Option: $4,300.00

A deposit of $550 due now to secure your place, followed by monthly instalments that work best for you. Upon booking we are happy to discuss this further to come up with a suitable arrangement.

2 Bedroom Pool Villa in Bali

Two bedroom Pool Villa

The Two-Bedroom Pool Villa known as Villa Frangipani is the largest villa in Warwick Ibah Luxury Villas & Spa. At 128 square meters, the Villa Frangipani has a master bedroom with a king bed and another bedroom across the pool with twin beds. With two separate bathrooms, outdoor lounge areas and a private garden, this is the villa for those travelling together on the retreat who want extra space and luxury.

Pay in full Double/Twin share: $6,600.00 / $3,300.00 per person

Instalment Rate Double/Twin: $7,000.00 / $3,500.00 per person.

A deposit of $550 each due now to secure your place, followed by monthly instalments that work best for you. Upon booking we are happy to discuss this further to come up with a suitable arrangement.

If choosing to pay by credit card via Paypal, fees & charges will apply.

More words from women who have attended this Retreat:

Thank goodness you encouraged me Belinda to come! I cannot imagine having missed out on the retreat.

I realised I was at the end of my tether when my one year old jammed his finger in the door and I started crying uncontrollably while he looked up at me as if to say “ah hello I’m the one who’s hurt silly.”‘With a husband working overseas and two boys under 4 I was depleted and exhausted, I thought going to the gym and eating healthy foods (most of the time) was enough to keep my mind and body balanced, but I now realise I wasn’t putting aside time for my mind and spirit. After listening to an interview with Belinda on the Happy Mama with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz podcast, I knew the retreat was what I needed and booked immediately.

Despite initial excitement, nerves and anxiety hit me about three months from the retreat kick off. I emailed Belinda unsure if I could get there, she gave me the confidence to put my nerves aside and do it. (Although I did need couple of G&T’s to get through the plane trip!).

It’s difficult to put into words what a change I feel has occurred in me over such a short period. I feel happier and more balanced and have learnt to do away with a lot of self doubts which have plagued me for years. I feel as though my anxiety has lifted and taken a huge weight off my shoulders.

I am eating healthier foods, drinking more water, incorporating yoga, meditation and pilates into my exercise routine, and, already feel better for it.

It was such a positive experience I would love to do one of Belinda’s retreats every year.

The retreat brought together an amazing group of women, and, Belinda as our leader was such an inspiration and support. I will always feel connected to the women I met, and I look forward to seeing them all again one day. Possibly at a reunion retreat.

Anna Napoli

Wow…Where do I begin? This was my second retreat with Belinda, first being 6 months ago in Fiji.

I struggled internally when I returned from Fiji because I was witnessing the other girls thriving,shining, taking massive action and feeling amazing about their transformations. I messaged Belinda who told me not to be concerned about what the other girls were doing and said, “this is your unique journey, stop comparing and focus on ‘you’!” Two days later I booked the Bali Retreat!

After our first meditation I realised how far I’d actually come from where I was 6 months prior. How amazing I felt. I realised I had punished myself for 6 months over nothing…I had come so far!

During the Retreat I had a private theta and spiritual healing session…Wow, a load of hidden childhood issues that I had carried deep within for many years surfaced. I forgave myself that night for all the pain I’d caused myself and was ready to finally move forward…the new me had emerged!

The amazing women I have met on these retreats are incredible, beautiful and forever my soul-sisters. We all have our own story, our own pain and when shared in a safe space, truly miraculous things happen. Watching the other women flourish and grow was empowering and just beautiful in itself for me, another sign of how far I have come – there was no more comparing!

I’ve returned to normal life feeling refreshed, internally lighter and ready to put into practice all the things I’ve learnt after my week with Belinda.

Words can truly never explain the gratitude and love Belinda I have for you and your work. The passion, the love, and your authenticity allows us women to dig deep and feel what’s going on within, and then allow it all to flow on out and feel like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.

What an incredible personal journey this Bali Retreat was for me… I thank you Belinda from bottom of my heart.

Jodi Walker

Yes, it was my third time on Retreat with Belinda – did I have the same experience 3 times? Definitely not! Ubud in March 2016 was a challenging, uplifting, emotional and fulfilling experience for me. I faced some old beliefs and threw them to the wind and have come home with an improved mindset and a joyful intention to take each moment as it comes.

Connecting with women of all walks of life, each with their own unique gifts and stories in this setting is something really special – we all learn from each other, we all lift each other up and as individuals incredible growth can happen without you even realising!

I am forever grateful for crossing path with Belinda – each time we have connected she has facilitated a non-judgemental space for me and others to work through what needs to be worked through and create huge amounts of positive change.”

Louise Allen

So much love and gratitude is going your way Belinda . I’ve struggled for many years trying to figure out what my ‘passion’ was, always thinking I needed to know right this second. I was so consumed with trying to ‘find’ myself, I forgot to just be me. These last 5 days have been an awakening for me; to let go, to breathe, to forgive and to LIVE. Such a beautiful, accepting group of ladies that will forever be in my heart. So many enlightening experiences that I have had in just such a short time.

I was one of ‘those’ women who thought I could never travel by myself overseas and I’d also never had any interest in going to Bali, however I knew this Retreat was what I needed to do, to help me let go of my ‘fear’.

I loved reading how inspired and excited women were after experiencing their own journey….I decided I wanted ‘in’! My scariest moment was pressing the ‘pay now’ button, but it was empowering when I did as I knew I couldn’t change my mind (I’m the queen of overthinking and second guessing everything).

This has been the best investment I’ve ever made (I invested in myself…yay me!) This is my 50th year of life (when did that happen?), travelling by myself to Bali was very empowering (and not as scary as I thought). I realise that LIFE is really for living… this week taught me to start LIVING it!

I will never forget this experience and will be forever grateful to Belinda and the beautiful women who opened their heart and soul to share this experience with me.

Janelle Rostirolla

The best thing I have ever done for myself was to go on Belinda’s Retreat. As soon as I heard about it, I knew it was something I had to do for myself. I own my own business so life for me is very hectic and I never have time for myself. I’m continually looking after other people and making sure they’re happy (which I love to do), but along the way I neglected looking after myself.

I have come back with a new outlook on my personal life and approach to business. The other ladies who attended the Retreat were so wonderful and open to new experiences. I’m grateful for this experience and that I found Belinda. I feel an inner peace I haven’t felt in a long time. I can’t wait to go on another Retreat.

Karyn Hjelmstrom

Thank you Belinda for an absolutely amazing week in Ubud. I left today feeling lighter – physically and emotionally, feeling excited about my future and with clarity around what I need to do to live my most joyous life.

I came to Bali feeling really stuck. I was unfulfilled in my work, I had been through a difficult period of grief and sadness and I was looking for help to put that behind me and start creating a life I love.

I will forever treasure my time at the retreat. Ubud is a magical place with beautiful people, stunning scenery and uplifting energy. Thank you Belinda for your encouragement, kindness and wisdom, and for facilitating a week of unforgettable experiences which have helped light the way to a brighter, happier me.

Jo Morgan

I would like to say a big thank you to all the women I made friendships with on the Retreat in Ubud and to Belinda for putting it all together and creating a safe environment for us to relax, let go and open ourselves.

I read Belinda’s book, Living from the Inside Out and it was a big awakening for me! I don’t know how I got Belinda’s posts on Facebook but I remember wanting to read and know more. After reading her book I realised that I needed to work on ‘me’!

I married at 19 so I never had the chance to know who I was and for the past 20 years I have heavily invested my time, energy and thoughts into my family. Seeing the Retreats pop up in my newsfeed made me desperately want to go, but sabotage always kicked in as I would tell myself: not great timing, new business, can’t afford it, who will sort the kids, husband will think I am selfish… you know those limiting-belief stories that we like to tell ourselves that aren’t true?!

In October 2015, I decided 2016 will be my year as I will be turning 40 and my goal was (and still is) to be in the best shape physically and mentally I can be and I knew it had to start from the ‘inside’, it had to begin with self-worth.

I got on the computer at work and noticed the Ubud, Bali Retreat was filling fast – all these other women had been brave enough to do it, so it was my turn! I didn’t ask permission, I figured it wasn’t required seeing I left home 20 plus years ago!

I messaged Belinda and she said that there was one place left and a couple of women were dancing around booking and she said best in best dressed. So I hit send and done it! That last place was mine! Gosh the excitement…I jumped up in my office and shouted, “I have booked it”…husband said, “booked what?” And that’s when my journey began!

The message I tell myself now is that I am worth it! Every cent was worth the experience and I will be doing more of it! Any ladies out there struggling to take the leap, have a little faith and do this for YOU, you will not regret it!

The comments I have had since returning are: your glowing from the inside, your eyes are so bright and your energy is electric. It has been a fantastic business investment too as I am picking up business I wouldn’t normally… investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make!

Oh, I learnt how to be comfortable with saying NO too! Life is looking bright and all because I took time out for ME!

Emma Gilbert

Eilidh shared this short testimonial when the Ubud Retreat finished:

What an amazing, life-changing experience this past week has been. I really didn’t know what to expect but I definitely walked away a changed, happier woman. I am truly thankful that I was able to spend my time with a group of fabulous ladies! What amazing women you all are. Belinda, thank you for opening my eyes to a new life and a new way of living I will be forever thankful.

And then this, after having time to reflect and process it all: 

I first heard about Belinda’s Retreat from my best friend, she had attended one in Fiji in 2015. I spent the whole year hearing and sometimes seeing (we live quite far apart) her total change from the ‘inside out’ and I really wanted to be in on what she was experiencing!

Due to some horrible life events I found I had lost myself, I didn’t know who I was anymore and I blamed others for it and my problems. I became closed off and ungrateful and generally angry at life. Probably radiating negative energy all around me. When my best friend spoke to me about coming to the next Retreat I jumped at the chance and I decided to make the commitment to myself to put ME first and become a better, healthier, happier me.

From the moment I arrived I felt at ease, women who I’d just met saw value in me and welcomed me as a friend. You could really feel the positive energy.

Through Belinda’s workshops I started to realize some hard truths about myself. The Retreat had the perfect amount of time for reflection so I could think about things properly and work through my feelings. I had a breakthrough moment where I saw myself as I’d been the last few years and I “suddenly” realized what I had to do to turn my crazy life around and I knew how to do it because Belinda had educated me with the tools I needed to get too the happier “me” I wanted and deserved.

I believe whatever stage of life you are living Belinda’s Retreat will have something for you, something that will help you grow and shine a little brighter. There’s exercise, knowledge, fun and downtime. There’s a no judgmental environment that helps you be completely honest with yourself.

I have already felt and seen the change in me since arriving home. My responses to things are thought out and more positive than ever before. I am and will be forever thankful to Belinda and the beautiful ladies who helped me start my journey.

Eilidh Munro

2015 was the icing on the cake of stress levels building up over the past few years. Things began to hurt; my family, my work and importantly my health and happiness. I knew something had to be done and I wanted things to change!

I came across Belinda Anderson’s Living from the Inside Out Facebook page through a mutual friend and started reading Belinda’s Book; but didn’t finish as the busyness of my life kept grabbing at me – I was putting everything else first.

I began looking at Belinda’s Retreats and it all clicked – I wanted and needed happy time for me! I booked the Retreat, finished reading the Book and went on an amazing adventure to Ubud, Bali with other like-minded beautiful women, all there for our own reasons.

It was a magical time, one which will stay with me forever. Belinda helps guide and shows you the light of achieving what you want to achieve. I’ve learnt to relax, my stress levels have fallen, I even enjoy meditating – something I was always too mind busy to do.

Coming home and relating to life again, I have instilled what I have learnt from Belinda’s Retreat. Before I wanted it – but now I am willing to do it and am putting it into good practice. I feel happy and calm again, determined to keep up with this wonderful feeling that “I matter and I’m allowed to spend time on me, I am important”.

Thank you Belinda for helping me to “cement” my thoughts and changes I wanted in me. I am looking forward to attending more Retreats and learning more as time goes on.

Kim Caldwell

To try and put into words my experience at the Bali Retreat is so difficult. The words powerful and peaceful come into mind.

I connected with Belinda when she first published her book. It changed my life and put me on the right path. When the Bali Retreat came up, it didn’t take much convincing from a friend to get me to go. Once we agreed, I never felt guilty for doing something for me. I knew I had lost my way and needed to be redirected!

I am not sure what I expected, but it wasn’t what was offered. What was offered was so much more…I found my way again!

I spent a week with 20 strange women (not ‘strange’, but women I had never met before) who have become dear friends. I look forward to staying connected and seeing what the future holds for them. Each one gave me some kind of inspiration for my own journey.

Belinda held regular meditation and personal growth sessions through which I discovered how powerful it is to connect with your true-self. I discovered the true meaning of “Living from the Inside Out”.

I knew I had to do this Retreat for me, which in turn has also benefited my kids and family immensely. I would highly recommend it to women needing time and space to rest, reflect, reconnect and replenish!

Dionna Hall

Belinda Anderson. Bali's Wellness Retreat Life Coach
I look forward to personally meeting you and helping you re-connect within, rest, relax, and let go, so you can return home feeling energised and replenished. 

Love & Light,

Belinda Anderson. Awaken Your Mind, Body and Soul

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