Fivelements Bali Retreat Empowering Women

Awaken Your Mind, Body and Soul Bali Retreat

with Belinda Anderson

at the world renowned Fivelements healing, harmony and wellness retreat

Experience what it truly means to retreat and allow your mind, body and soul to be nourished like never before.

Fivelements is a healing retreat founded upon Balinese traditions. Nestled alongside the sacred Ayung River, Fivelements provides a restorative and spiritual space for personal transformation, Balinese healers and therapies, nourishing living foods, and stunning bamboo mandala pavilions for sacred sessions.

Awaken Your Soul with Belinda at Fivelements

Fivelements, Bali opened in late 2010 as the first of a new genre of wellness destinations bridging the wisdom of traditional healing cultures with innovative wellness concepts. To date, the eco-wellness retreat has been recognised with eighteen international awards spanning across hotel, wellness, spa, culinary and sustainable design industries. Fivelements has earned its position as an innovative leader in wellness concept design, retreats and programmes, plant-based innovative cuisine and wellness hospitality worldwide.

This retreat is for women who want to take their spiritual and personal growth to the next level. Women who are seeking greater health and wellness. Women who want to dive deeper into holistic healing. Women who want to connect with other like-minded women. This retreat is all about surrendering, awakening, enlightenment, extreme self-care, expanding your mind and taking your self-discovery journey to greater heights.

A week to bring you back to what life’s all about. 

A time to reconnect with what matters and disconnect from what doesn’t.

An opportunity to get clear on what you do want and let go of what no longer serves you.

A chance to make yourself a priority and give back to yourself wholly and completely.

A break from life to cleanse and nourish your body, mind and soul.  

An empowering journey of self-discovery.  

Awaken Your Mind, Body and Soul Bali Retreat with Belinda Anderson

at the world renowned Fivelements healing, harmony and wellness retreat

17th – 22nd September 2019

28th March – 2nd April 2020
Postponed due to COVID-19 – new dates tbc

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Immerse yourself in this divine and sacred property and experience the healing energy which emanates from everything: from the architecture and setting to the people. Indulge yourself with five-star service and facilities.
Gorgeous surrounds to nurture your gorgeous soul in at this retreat
Get back to nurturing yourself in gorgeous surrounds at this retreat
…The retreat was a wonderful mix of deep spiritual practice with meditation, sound healing and connection with some of Bali’s wonderful healers. I found myself throughout the week in a state of bliss, happiness and deep contentment…

…The raw truths that slap you in the face about who you are and the possibility that you have created all your own heartaches, the fight that comes out in you when you realize that only you have the power to change your circumstances…

Reconnect with your self at this spiritual retreat for women

Your Retreat Package Includes:

  • 5-Nights’ luxury accommodation

  • Welcome drink & fruit basket (Sparkling Lemongrass and Ginger Tonic).

  • Daily wholesome breakfast.

  • Hot and cold jugs of water on breakfast table prior to breakfast with lemon or limes to have prior to breakfast for cleansing.

  • Daily 3-Course Chef’s Tasting Lunch or Dinner (other lunch’s and dinner’s will be at your own cost).

  • Balinese Fire Blessing Ceremony – Agni Hotra.

  • Releasing Bird Ceremony.

  • Ninety minute healing massage or healing energy treatment (choices to be provided to you closer to the date).

  • Daily use of stunning bamboo Mandalas for Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, stretch classes, powerful self-discovery and healing sessions, personal and spiritual growth workshops.

  • Yoga Class with qualified Yoga Teacher from Fivelements.

  • Mindfulness session with Fivelements Healer.

  • Sound Healing session (vibrational medicine).

  • Tirta Empul Temple visit for a sacred water bathing and blessing.

  • Half day trip to a majestic waterfall.

  • Morning river walk through Balinese rice fields immersing in the culture.

  • Daily Shuttle to Ubud for lunch/dinner (drop-off and pick up, meals excluded).

  • Round trip airport transfer to and from Fivelements.

Important Note:

Fivelements is vegan (plant based cuisine, no dairy products). Smoking and alcohol are not permitted at Fivelements. There is no coffee in the rooms, but it is available in the restaurant. We do go on tours and out occasionally where you can choose to have other things if you wish. I wish to reiterate that no smoking is allowed at anytime in the presence of the group.

food is medicine

“Through years of research and discovery, illness and healing, and experiencing the extraordinarily positive impact of eating healthy foods first hand, we wanted to share what we felt was the biggest untapped secret of happiness and health today,” says Fivelements co-founder Lahra Tatriele about creating Fivelements’ beautiful restaurant Sakti Dining Room. “And that is eating well, eating for energy, for beauty and longevity, and most importantly, enjoying a wonderful culinary experience prepared with love.”

With a worldwide reputation for its pioneering dishes, Fivelements offers a unique culinary experience through the world’s most innovative, life-invigorating cuisine. This retreat will open your mind to plant-based cuisine, while also nourishing your body, mind and soul with goodness you can taste and feel. You will discover that healthy food not only tastes great but rivals any cuisine in the world today.

When we cleanse our physical body, we also cleanse our mind and thoughts toward “good action” and alignment with our truth and authentic-self and our spiritual auric field. By doing so, we enhance our connection and alignment with the greater macrocosm and the Universal laws of nature. As we flow into alignment along our journey, the “magic of life” begins to manifest. This process is “Divine creation”.

Some words from women who have attended this Retreat:

The Fivelements retreat in Bali was my second retreat with Belinda, my first was January 2016 also in Bali at Warwick Ibah in Ubud.

This trip to Bali wasn’t planned for me, it was a last second decision, and I honestly went into this retreat with no idea of why I was there. But everything happens for a reason, and this clicked into place from the first day.

Belinda messaged us before the retreat and asked us to have an intention of what we would like to work on during the retreat. This planted the seed that for me flourished in Bali. I’ve always been self-conscious of where I am, and the people around me, however the group of ladies I met that first day at Fivelements put all my self-sabotaging thoughts behind and allowed me to open up and give my all.

Yoga, meditation and downtime are things my life don’t normally include, as a business owner I spend 99% of my day thinking about work and on the first retreat I went to in 2016 this was quite a shock to my system to slow down. This time around I didn’t hold back, I embraced all the chances for movement we had, my ability to calm my mind and meditate was better and my own clarity on what I want as a person was much clearer.

The safe and nurturing space that Belinda creates removes all those walls you put up. An incredibly authentic person, her presence is comfortable and allows you to be your true self, flaws and all. To the wonderful group of ladies I had the pleasure of spending this week in Bali with; from the bottom of my heart I thank you all, you all helped me see myself and not judge, know the path to take and put those feet in front of the other to get to where I want to be.


I attended my first retreat in Fiji with Belinda in April 2016. It was far more than I ever expected. I came home feeling alive, rejuvenated and with tools to self-love to my highest capability. As months went by, the more I learnt, the more I did, and the more I processed everything I had learned which left me hungry for more. I wanted something bigger, better and extraordinary for my life – the Universe answered my prayers: A Reunion Retreat with Belinda at Fivelements in Bali appeared. I didn’t even think or discuss, I just booked it, spent the following 6 months paying it off, and waited.

What were my intentions for the retreat? To get back into MY headspace and not what the world portrayed it to be. To love more and love harder. Not just the people in my life that I love dearly already, but everyone, everything, even my enemies and those who have hurt and betrayed me.

My biggest downfall is my controlling nature and my inability to be able to forgive. Fast forward to the absolute beautiful space we were in, the workshops we did, the intentions we set, the yoga, the mindfulness, the meditation, the healers and people of Bali, the special women whom I shared this time with, the guidance from Belinda, the amazing food we were blessed with, the spiritualism of Fivelements and its energy, and my downfalls began to shift because my perception changed.

The raw truths that slap you in the face about who you are and the possibility that you have created all your own heartaches, the fight that comes out in you when you realize that only you have the power to change your circumstances. It all resonated LOUD and clear for me. MIND-BLOWING, POWERFUL!

I am now home. My partner has noticed changes in me. He loved me before, may I say he f**king loves me even more now. Our intimacy is on another level because of the way I have nurtured myself. My son cannot get enough of me. And more importantly, I have noticed my own changes.

So once again, I thank Belinda from deep in my heart for digging, guiding, pushing my limits, making me cry tears of joy, tears of pain, tears of anger, tears of relief. WHAT AN AMAZING JOURNEY! WHAT AN AMAZING WOMAN!


Your Investment:

Fivelements has 7 riverfront suites, 1×2 bedroom riverfront suite with private pool and 10 pool suites with twin beds (can be reconfigured into 1 king). The rate for all rooms are the same:

Single room (1 person in a room)
• Pay in full: $4,300
• Pay in instalments: $4,500 ($500 deposit then 10 monthly payments of $400 or please contact me to make alternate arrangements that suit you better).

Twin share (2 people sharing a pool suite with twin beds)
• Pay in full: $3,400 per person
• Pay in instalments: $3,600 per person ($500 deposit then 10 monthly payments of $310 or please contact me to make alternate arrangements that suit you better).

If paying in instalments, the last payment must be paid one month prior to commencement of the retreat.

If choosing to pay by credit card via Paypal, fees & charges will apply.

For availability and bookings please email:

Come join me and other like-minded women from all over the world and take yourself on an incredible life-changing, soul-nourishing, heart-opening,  mind-altering and empowering journey of self-discovery.

If you are ready to say: “YES, I’m doing this for me!” Secure your place now!

More words from women who have attended this Retreat:

On returning from my second retreat with Belinda, I have reflected on this week and the impact it has had on me.

The first retreat in April 2016 in Fiji was filled with massive shifts for me in allowing time and healing for myself, so in that there was much laughter and tears and a feeling of euphoria and letting go at its completion.

The Bali retreat at Fivelements in March 2017 was different, and to some extent I believe this had a lot do with my intentions as well as the program. I go on these retreats with no expectations but with intentions: what is it I want to gain? How will this improve my wellbeing and connect me more with my soul?

Fiji was all about healing, authenticity and letting go so I can truly shine in my own light. Bali on the other hand was all about deepening my spiritual practice, connecting with source and the added bonus of investing in me and my soul growth. This definitely was my experience at Fivelements with Belinda.

Fivelements was an incredibly spiritual place, connected to nature everywhere you turned. From the vegan food, which was to my surprise some of the best and wholesome food I have tasted, coming from a foodie I was a little skeptical as to how I would like this, I loved every different dish inspired by the very talented French Chef. The grounds held an intense healing energy from the flowing river to the way the architecture blended with its surrounds and the five star comfort within a completely natural setting.

The retreat was a wonderful mix of deep spiritual practice with meditation, sound healing and connection with some of Bali’s wonderful healers. I found myself throughout the week in a state of bliss, happiness and deep contentment. I discovered some deep hurts that I realise were the source of some of the blockages to moving forward on this path I have chosen.

Belinda has an incredible ability to hold that sacred and nurturing space for you to see these, feel them, and understand what it is you need to do to let them go.

Much gratitude to Belinda for shining her light so I can continue to shine mine and radiate out so many can awaken and shine theirs. Our world is magnificent and beautiful and the increasing light workers shining so bright can only bring more peace and joy to us all.

If you are considering a retreat with Belinda, I highly recommend it…gift yourself and know you are worth it! There is no happiness in dimming your light or clipping your wings.


I stopped halfway through getting groceries inspired to share my thoughts, so I recorded them on my phone lol. I probably looked silly at the time or maybe even important recording stuff in the supermarket but I didn’t care!

Walking through the supermarket I realised going on retreat with Belinda puts me in a totally different head space. You go on these retreats with Belinda and a group of women you’ve never met and you return a different person – relaxed, at ease, content with life and at peace with yourself and the world. Even in the shopping centre while you are doing your groceries you look at things differently – healthier products and options. Your whole outlook changes!

On the recent retreat at Fivelements in Bali it was totally vegan and I have to say the food was delicious! I didn’t realise how much healthy food contributes to making your mind and body feel so good.

I’m doing my third retreat with Belinda next year in Bali because they put my mind, body and soul in a completely different place – relaxed and peaceful….I love life and all because I’m in a beautiful space.


My first retreat with Belinda was at the Warwick Ibah Luxury Villas and Spas, Ubud, Bali in January 2016; and what a mind-opening experience it was!

I was there for a number of reasons and found the retreat to be mind-altering; from the initial introductions to the final day of the retreat, enjoying a connection with the other women, all there for our own reasons.

I came back home implementing my new techniques of meditating, yoga, self-talk – wanting, needing to change my outlook on life for myself, to know I am important, I am me. It didn’t always work though, and unfortunately every now and then, the “negative Nancy” took hold with negative thoughts, negative fear and negative ego coming back to haunt me – hurting my confidence, taking me back to being shy and hiding behind my brick wall.

This had to change! I needed to know more – why this was happening, how do I stop the negative mind from taking over, and allow myself to be: my true self – happy, confident and content with life. It didn’t take long for me to tick the box to return to Bali and join Belinda’s Fivelements retreat, and WOW, I am ever so pleased I did!

Belinda has installed even more wonderful techniques, guidance, NLP, Timeline and workshops with her retreats; along with ceremonies, beauty, spiritualism, outside healers, relaxation, meditation, yoga and Pilates, connection, deepness, awakening, letting go, breaking down barriers, realisation, reflection, elation – the list is great; and each and every one of us on Belinda’s retreat gained and benefited in so many ways.

Fivelements is beautiful – the retreat has a deep spiritual feeling; the staff are beautiful and caring; the Vegan menu is amazing – my thoughts towards food has changed forever! Each and every meal was an incredible taste sensation, just beautiful. The Spa treatments are heavenly, the grounds and villas immaculately kept. Fivelements is altogether its very own unique element; and I look forward to returning.

Did this retreat change me? YES!

Have I learnt why the negativity kept coming back? YES!

Have I dealt with it, released it, let it go – YES!

To say I am “healed” – if that is a word I can use – sure – healed of the hurt I was unnecessarily carrying around, the realisation of why, and the now knowing, I do not ever need to again. I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I am feeling lighter, happier, confident – I feel full of colour and I love it!!

Do I need to go on another retreat because I have come to this amazing space of where I am meant to be? YES! WHY? Because I love everything I learn on Belinda’s retreats – you never stop learning and there is always something more you can add to your life, installing an even greater connection. Who benefits? ME, my husband, my children, my beautiful Bonnie (dog), my family, my friends, my guests staying in my holiday rental property – everyone – everyone benefits because I have changed, my thoughts, my feelings, my openness, my everyday life!

THANK YOU BELINDA – I am extremely grateful.


I look forward to personally meeting you and helping you re-connect within, rest, relax, and let go, so you can return home feeling energised and replenished. 

Love & Light,

Terms and Conditions

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