Women's Retreat in Fiji

5-Night Women’s Wellness Retreat in Fiji

An opportunity to disconnect from your fast paced modern life and re-connect with yourself

To travel is to take a journey into yourself

Solo travel and discover new friends


Women aged between 25 – 69 from all over the world and from different walks of life have joined these Retreats and some are now onto their second, third, and even fourth Retreat! Once you get a taste of solitude, serenity, bliss, and inner-peace you become aware of what is possible and empowered to create change. 

5-Night Women’s Wellness Retreat in Fiji with Belinda Anderson

at Warwick Fiji Resort & Spa

There are no 2020 dates set at this stage for a Fiji retreat, but ensure you subscribe to my website to stay updated.

Are you ready to …


Take yourself on a journey of self-discovery.

Find yourself.

Reconnect with what matters and disconnect from what doesn’t.

Enhance your personal and spiritual growth.

Re-ignite your passion for life.

Nourish your mind, body and soul.

Rest and allow yourself to be nurtured.

Be inspired to make positive changes in your life.

Let go of your limiting beliefs.

Shift your perception and see and hear things differently.

Feel alive and awakened.

Learn, grow and flourish.

Step out of your comfort zone.

Connect with like-minded women.

Experience the energy, beauty and authenticity of Fiji.

If YES, read on…

Active Living in Fiji
Life Changing Travel in Fiji
Solitude and Bliss
Meditation in Gorgeous Surrounds
Dine in Gorgeous Surrounds

A Life-Changing and Soul-Nourishing Women’s Wellness Retreat

Imagine 5 nights of having no worries, concerns or responsibilities. 5 nights of giving back to yourself. 5 nights of tender, loving self-care. 5 nights of being surrounded and empowered by like-minded women. 5 nights of being authentically you. 5 nights of honouring your beautiful self. 5 nights of adventurous fun. 5 nights of being in one of the most beautiful and authentic destinations in the world.This is your opportunity to be taken on an empowering journey of self-discovery. 

My mission is to empower and inspire women to step into their power and experience an internal shift. These Retreats are designed to help you re-connect with your true-self and re-ignite your zest for life so you emerge feeling inspired and empowered to create a life you love.

I have specifically chosen serene, majestic and authentic Fiji as the destination for so may reasons: there is no consumerism, materialism, or shopping to get caught up in – just you, me, and a group of like-minded women exploring and connecting with what matters and letting go of what doesn’t.

The Retreat is held at The Warwick Fiji Resort & Spa, which is on the sunny shores of the Coral Coast. It is uniquely located on a stretch of  golden sand beach with crystal blue clear lagoons that capture the perfect sunset view on an afternoon at the Resort. Located 90 minutes scenic drive from the Nadi International Airport, this award winning 5–star Resort is set amid acres of beautifully landscaped gardens. The Warwick Fiji Resort & Spa has long been regarded as one of Fiji’s friendliest holiday destinations.

Motivation and Growth

Some words from women who have attended this Retreat:

Meeting Belinda has changed my life!

Instead of talking the talk I am finally walking the talk.

The recent retreat in Fiji has changed my entire outlook on life.

It’s what I had been searching for, for a really long time.

The last 10 years have been one stressful event after stressful event.

Nothing has been easy.

2 years ago receiving a phone call to say I had breast cancer was devastating.

I was so tired of all these dramas. I made changes in my life and fought cancer and won! Cancer no longer rules my life!

All the changes I had made on paper were perfect but I wasn’t really feeling them.

During this time I had been following Belinda’s Facebook page and was drawn to her and what she offered. The November retreat to Fiji came at just the right time in my recovery so I booked! Initially a little daunted not having ever met Belinda in person, and unsure if I could physically keep up, but from the first contact I knew this was going to be a life-changing week away. Belinda made everything very easy right from the start and was extremely welcoming.

My plane out to Nadi was delayed 4 hours! I wondered what is going on here? But believe it was a test … real deep change for me was never going to be easy, I had to stay strong.

Meeting the other women on the retreat was truly wonderful.  All women with their own life stories.. no one has a perfect life, everyone works hard at this thing called life. The support given to me from all these women, I had never met, melted my heart.

The Warwick Fiji was a wonderful location and the staff very welcoming. The movement, meditation, spa treatments, food, sightseeing, bonfire, everything we did, was all so empowering.

Through this retreat I have found my Spark! My Inner Joy! These things had got lost in the busyness of life. Belinda gave me these gifts back and forever I will be extremely grateful!

I am struggling to exactly put into words how life-changing for me this retreat has been. Strong and Light are words I’ve been using since being home and I believe they fit exactly how each day now feels for me.

Gratitude is now the first thought I feel in the morning. How lucky am I to have all I have.

Every day of this retreat was special and memorable. Thank you Belinda from the bottom of my heart, you are a very special lady and I feel very lucky to have spent such a beautiful, funny, spontaneous happy time with you.


Leanne Speirs

After searching for a retreat to recharge my very flat batteries, an opening to attend Belinda’s retreat in Fiji arrived in my inbox.

To say the retreat was life-changing, is an understatement! From the moment I arrived, it was a journey like no other. To find liked-minded women, each on their own journey, sharing very personal information during our week together was so heart-warming. We laughed and we cried, we were taken well out of our comfort zones, shaken to the roots of our souls to emerge feeling much lighter and able to enjoy life.

The retreat included many magic moments, including sharing time with the Fijians in their villages, their unconditional love and food sharing was absolutely beautiful. The meditation, yoga and deep inner soul searching made the retreat an absolute huge success for me. As I skipped onto the plane when leaving I left as though I was floating, carried home on a high that I will continue to enjoy.

Belinda is the most amazing person who handed me back my life, to say she saved it, is true. Deeply saddened and completely lost, Belinda guided me each day to explore and discover happiness again. My only regret is that it has taken me this long to find you.

I am so grateful that you came into my life Belinda, you have the touch and love of an angel, with an amazing ability to share your knowledge and nurturing with those who have lost their way.

As I continue to grow and share my positive energy each day I will hold Fiji very close to my heart and continue to draw on the love from complete strangers who will be friends forever.

If you are considering attending Belinda’s retreat, the money you invest in yourself will be paid back in so many ways.

From the bottom of my heart Belinda, thank you.

Sandy Brown

Here’s what the Retreat includes…

Self Discovery and Health
Embracing Culture

Fully Inclusive Package:

  • Welcome Event: Introduction and nutritious fresh juice. After introductions you will be taken through a guided meditation to help you unwind, let go and settle in.
  • 5 nights’ accommodation.
  • Morning cup of warm lemon water to help cleanse and detoxify.
  • Full buffet breakfast daily in the Bula Brasserie Restaurant.
  • Lunch and dinner daily (an array of variety: Lagoon Grill poolside lunch, Bula Brasserie Buffet dinner, Teppanyaki Japanese dinner, Award Winning Wicked Walu Seafood dinner, an off-site dinner to experience a traditional Fijian LOVO.
  • 2 bottles of 1L Fiji Water daily.
  • 2 Authentic Fijian Tours:
    • Biausevu Waterfall & Herbal Medicine Trek (nourish your mind, body and soul). Includes return transfers, kava ceremony in village, tour (trek through rainforest, swim in waterfall, tour guide) and light lunch.
    • Sigatoka River Safari, voted Australasia’s leading adventure tour operator at the World Travel Awards. Fiji’s original jet-boat safari, Sigatoka River Safari offers a unique Fijian adventure into the “Heart & Soul of Fiji” aboard custom-built safari jet boats. Cruise your way up the majestic Sigatoka River and visit an authentic Fijian village and experience time in the life of the real ‘kaiviti’ (Fijian).
  • Pilates, Stretch, Gym and Yoga classes (a Yoga mat will be issued for you to utilize during your stay).
  • Beach and adventure walks.
  • Deeply relaxing guided meditations and visualisation sessions to help you connect deep within, and let go of what no longer serves you.
  • Empowering workshops to enhance your personal and spiritual growth.
  • Fresh coconuts to drink on some afternoons to help hydrate and energise your body (coconut water has so many amazing health benefits).
  • Two rejuvenating spa treatments:
    • 1 hour Vakacegu massage in The Warwick Spa
    • 1 hour Nymphae Alba Facial in The Warwick Spa
  • Farewell event on the last evening: An empowering letting go beach bonfire ceremony (subject to the tide on the day), including canapés and a cocktail.
  • Snorkelling.
  • Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle Boarding.
  • Full use of the Resorts facilities: 2 swimming pools, fully-equipped gymnasium, tennis and squash courts, in–house activities and entertainment.
  • Full support and guidance from me and other like-minded women.
  • Private transfer to and from Nadi International airport.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Anything that is not mentioned here such as flights, coffee, alcohol, and snacks are not included in the package price. Also, seeing everyone will arrive at the Resort at different times, the Retreat won’t officially start until we all come together as a group at the Welcome Event which will be approx. 4pm Fiji time. You are more than welcome to arrive as early as you wish to settle in, unwind, relax and enjoy the Resort’s facilities.
Retreats in Gorgeous Surrounds

More words from women who have attended this Retreat:

The last 6 years have been difficult, but the last 2 1/2 years have been traumatic, losing my daughter of 32 years young to breast cancer and three weeks before, my mum, of 83 years.

12 months passed and I had not been able to deal properly and grieve for two people who meant the world to me, my life was shattered. I did not have the time to grieve properly as my husband and I run a successful business that consumes a lot of my time and energy.

I knew that I needed some time to myself to find the real me, which was lost after putting everything I had into my daughter and her illness and finally her passing, along with my mother’s passing.

I found out about Belinda’s retreat through a friend who knew a lady who had done two of Belinda’s retreats. I met with her and it sounded like exactly what I needed. Little did I know of the impact it would have on me and my life!

I joined Belinda in November for her Fiji retreat, knowing that there would be some changes I would go through, but not prepared for what happened…I was totally blown away by the effect that it had on me!

Belinda, you have truly opened up a whole new world for me, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. I am truly grateful to have been able to spend this time on myself and also to meet some amazing women all with varying situations, getting to spend time to revaluate what is important in their lives and letting go of what was no longer needed. As for the surroundings of the resort – they were truly magical, and the Fijian people a delight.

Belinda encourages you to get out of your comfort zone and explore many different parts of your mind, body and soul, always in a very caring, loving, nurturing and supporting way. I recently turned 60, and had never done any type of exercise, definitely not Pilates or yoga, meditation and visualization. Belinda also addressed spirituality and gave us a great range of tools to work with on our journey forward.

All the activities were conducted in such a caring and supportive way that I never once felt out of place or I didn’t belong. Also the support of each of the other beautiful, caring, loving women made it an awesome experience, I am sure that we all will become lifelong friends and keep supporting each other on good and not so good days.

I will be embracing everything that I have learnt on this retreat to extend myself fully and make a difference in all aspects of my life.

I definitely came home with a new mind-set ready to tackle my life from a whole new perspective.

Belinda, you are a truly amazing person, so down to earth, caring, loving, beautiful, supporting, thought provoking, intelligent woman – there are not enough words to describe you, I could keep going on, and on, and on. You were able to share your profound knowledge in such a way that it touched all of us and empowered all the women who attended. I am sure we all will be forever grateful for the tremendous impact you have had on all of our lives and I am sure in the future to come, as we all go on our journey of fulfilment.

Again Belinda, thank you, thank you, thank you.

I have just booked my 2nd retreat in Bali and looking forward to some more life-changing moments!

Robyn Watson

I am so grateful that I was able to join you on the retreat in Fiji for many reasons.

I believe that I am a happy person but there has always been a ‘block’ in me which often raises fear, self-doubt and confusion, especially in relationships.

Through your honest, gentle and encouraging teachings during the week, I was able to go back, give comfort and compassion to my inner-child and forgive myself and those who had hurt me.

You have given me a clearer insight as to who I am and of the love that I am capable and deserving of.

This gives me new confidence to push through with the tools you have given me and I do believe that ‘I am worth it’.

I also had no idea that by attending your retreat, that I would bond so beautifully with a bunch of fantastic women!

It was a truly an amazing experience for me and it leaves me wanting more.

I thank you Belinda…you are not only beautiful and spiritually gifted on the inside, you are gorgeous and a really funny, down to earth woman.

Donna K

This Retreat is Unique and This is Why…

Who said Retreats were just about nutrition, movement and stillness? This Retreat is a bootcamp for your soul. You will re-connect with yourself, discover your true needs, unravel what’s working in your life and what’s not; and learn how living a conscious life allows you to understand the importance of living and speaking your truth. You will explore what’s serving you in your life and what’s not and how to forgive, let go and move on. There’s adventure, fun, laughs, tears, empowering newfound friendships, cocktails (yes, you read that correctly, cocktails!), Kava ceremonies, cultural awakenings, village tours, plus so much more!

This is NOT a strict health retreat! It is not about eating nothing but organic food, or having no coffee or alcohol. Yes, you will enjoy beautiful wholesome food and drinks, and yes, you will be focusing on your overall wellbeing, and yes, I will encourage you to participate and fuel your body with energy, but I do not deny you of enjoying life’s little pleasures. I live my life off the 80/20 rule and I advocate others to do the same – life is all about balance.

The purpose of this Retreat is to allow you to surrender, disconnect so that you can re-connect, feel empowered, nourish your mind, body and spirit, let go and just be, step out of your comfort zone, connect with and be inspired by like-minded women, and emerge feeling refreshed, lighter, motivated and ready to live life with intention.

Although you will be busy learning and growing your knowledge, moving your body and having fun on tours, there will also be plenty of time-out to relax. Aaah yes…time to unwind, lay in a hammock and read a good book, have a nap, be pampered, laze by the water, connect within, and enjoy the serenity of beautiful Fiji. I provide you with a LOT of downtime for reflection and solitude!

Join me and other like-minded women in Fiji from the 24th – 29th November 2019 and take yourself on an incredible life-changing, soul-nourishing, and empowering journey of self-discovery.

If you are ready to say: “YES, I’m doing this for me!” Email contact@belindaanderson.com.au (interest is high and spaces are limited):

Cocktails while on retreat
This retreat allows you time to relax and enjoy a spa

About Belinda

Belinda Anderson is a leading wellness retreat creator, leader and facilitator who has individually facilitated numerous life-changing international retreats. She is a certified NLP practitioner and life coach, mind/body mentor, energy healer who uses EFT and reiki, Pilates and meditation teacher, yoga lover,  author, speaker, and change agent. Beneath those labels, Belinda is a an everyday Aussie Mum and woman on an empowering soul-searching and self-discovery journey, walking the path of life like everyone else.

Through facing challenges in her own life, Belinda learned that the biggest change we can create begins with our own personal healing and transformation which resulted in her mission to help women understand that the greatest gift they can give themselves and their loved ones is their own self-development.

Your Investment (fully inclusive package).

To check availability, secure your place and make payment, please email contact@belindaanderson.com.au 

If choosing to pay by credit card via Paypal, fees & charges will apply.

Single Room

Pay in Full:  $3,500 AUD

Pay in Monthly Instalments: $3,700 AUD.

Deposit of $500 to secure your booking and then 8 x monthly payments of $400 (this is flexible so please contact me if other amounts suit you better). Please also note, if you book closer to the retreat date and choose to pay in instalments, these amounts will need to be altered depending on how many months are left before the commencement of the retreat. Full payment is required one month prior to the retreat commencing.

Twin/Double Room

Pay in Full: $6,000 ($3,000 each)

Pay in Monthly Instalments: $6,400 ($3,200 each).

$400 deposit per person to secure your booking and then 8 x monthly payments each of $350 each.

If choosing to pay by credit card via Paypal, fees & charges will apply.

Single bed room
Twin bed room
Life Changing Fiji Retreats

More words from women who have attended this Retreat:

Thank you to my little energetic, soul calming, smart, invigorating, warm, friendly, hip-opening, lemon water drinking, deep breathing, meditating, nurturing teacher and friend Belinda Anderson. What an amazing, inspiring and sincere woman!

I wasn’t sure why I came, I just knew I was lost and needed to find my way back. I lost the love of my life and soul mate a year ago and the shift in me because of this was huge. It was impacting my family. My friends. My beautiful son who deserves more and the beautiful man I have met who is willing to give me the world and all the time I need to heal and find my way.

Coming to this beautiful place has shifted me and my energy to an absolutely different place. One of clarity. Excitement. Big, big love and compassion. I have rekindled my passion for love and now know I can accept and give out what is deserved. My relationships can now flourish naturally without my judgement being clouded or my fears taking over. I just want to get home to my boys and love them hard forever.

Every single tool we were lovingly handed this week I am grateful for. As the days went on the shift became bigger and bigger. Making amazing friendships. Laughing so hard we peed our pants. Crying so hard I felt broken hearts all around. Best week of my life by a milestone! Healing is well and truly on its way.

Thank you Belinda for being “real”. People lose being real in life. You’ve got it and it’s infectious. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I have learnt to remember him and let go at the same time.

 * If the hip-opening bit confused you…I work a lot on the mind/body connection and do a lot of hip opening stretches as this is an area where we store a LOT of emotions.

Joy Perkins

WOW, I have just completed my week in Fiji joined by other like-minded women…what a week it’s been! Enlightening, empowering, inspirational and spiritual. A journey filled with laughter, many, many heartfelt tears, joy, self gratification and friendships.

I had no expectations coming into this and the path I experienced, for ‘me’ was incredible! After 46 years I now have the tools to become the true woman I have longed to be, and I will be forever grateful. I will now open up to the higher powers to help me follow my dreams and to carry on this new-found journey.

Belinda, you are an amazing, beautiful soul and alone you have taken us all on our own personal paths to happiness, wellness and increased awareness of our inner selves. What an extraordinary being you are, clearly an incredible, passionate being in-tune with your teachings and self-learning advice, helping and guiding us every step of the way.

Words cannot explain how incredibly empowering this journey has been for me. I now hope and pray that others will take the time to experience this for themselves.

Belinda, you are a Magician.

Jodi Walker

I have just returned from an incredible week in Fiji on retreat with Belinda Anderson and a group of inspiring women from all over Australia.

I chose this retreat as for two years I have suffered with ill health and a feeling of just existing and not living. I made a promise to myself 2016 is my year to live an authentic life and follow my soul path with purpose, although I was unsure how that looked.

From the first evening I felt a genuineness and compassion from Belinda and this grew with each incredibly soulful day on retreat. Belinda is one of earths healers, she has the ability to bring out the deepest pain with love and to show each individual a mirror to their soul-and how beautiful all those souls are! My gratitude to Belinda is immense and I am already planning for the next one!

My heart is overflowing with love and admiration for all the other amazing, strong, vulnerable, real women. I have made friends and soul connections that will last a lifetime. I cannot thank them all enough for crying with me, laughing with me, holding me, loving me and most of all accepting me as ME. “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself” -George Bernard Shaw, and I am so ready to create. With love and heartfelt gratitude.

Jodie Burns

This past week has been nothing short of life-changing. I arrived in Fiji with an open-mind, an open-heart and no expectations. I just knew that this was where I had to be.

Since the death of my father 19 years ago (the anniversary being whilst in Fiji), I have been lost…I didn’t realise how lost until the flood gates were opened this past week. I realised that I had so much ‘BULA CRAP’ buried deep within me, that I was drowning in all the negativity and helplessness.

Thankfully, with Belinda’s guidance, I have been able to acknowledge and accept many feelings that I was too afraid to confront, and to finally let it all go. I have come home with a soul full of peace and a readiness to embrace this thing called life. No more will I sit on the sidelines and plod along. I have dreams, I have goals, and I now feel deserving to ask the universe for what I want and the confidence and self-belief to go out there and get it.

I would also like to thank all the lovely ladies for sharing their souls with me. It has been a privilege and an honour, and I know we will always share a special connection which I will truly cherish.

And Belinda, Thank you just doesn’t seem enough. You have not only helped me to believe in myself again, but you have also shown me how to love, authentically and unconditionally. I will never forget the kindness you have shown and the wisdom you have shared. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

Cheryl Hastings

What an absolute pleasure it has been to meet such an amazing group of smart, funny, strong, spiritual women. To have the privilege of connecting and hearing their stories and becoming lifelong friends is a time that we will always share and never forget.

Being a young working mum, life is so busy and disconnected. I was feeling frustrated, angry, confused, tired and burnt out. To make time to go on this Retreat felt completely selfish but I knew if something didn’t change I was headed for disaster. Not knowing what to expect, I went with an open-heart. What I got out of this Retreat was beyond what I could of imagined! I know I have come home as a better mum, wife, friend, colleague and all-round human.

Belinda’s ability to bring a group of complete strangers together and change them into soul sisters is a true talent! Thank you for being you Belinda and doing what you do best… be authentic. This is just the beginning for me and I want to thank you with all of my heart.

Helen Cantwell

I have followed Belinda’s Instagram page for the past year and I knew in my heart I was guided to her page for a purpose. I believe the Universe guided me on this retreat to not only meet her, but all the beautiful women who attended the Retreat as well.

I have had an amazing experience, one I will never forget and it will hold a special place in my heart forever. I have seen firsthand the transformations this retreat has created.

Two years ago I went through an enormously challenging time where I ended up burnt-out with adrenal fatigue. I managed to climb back out of the hole I had fallen into but I knew there was more personal growth for me to continue with and a better life to create for myself.

The retreat Belinda facilitated was run in a way that every day she loving and kindly guided us to release what didn’t serve us any longer. Each day we learnt, we grew and experienced a re-birthing slowly of our souls. With Belinda’s patience and love our tears began to fall and we all began to let go of our limiting-beliefs, fears, hurts, pain that has held each and every one of us back.

The last night of the retreat was remarkable. It gave me the opportunity to finally let go of many past hurts that have kept me stuck for a very long time. Looking into the flames of the fire was cathartic in cleaning my heart, it was truly magical . The releasing and cleansing powers of those flames lifted my spirits to a new height.

This retreat has been a catalyst for me. I have drawn a line in the sand now and this is the beginning of a new mindset and life of purposeful intention. I believe that there are many, many women who truly deserve to spend a week in such a powerful environment as this retreat provided.

Belinda, you are a beautiful woman inside and out…you are a gift to humanity! You are making such a difference to so many women’s lives and the impact you are creating is phenomenal.

My heart has been transformed. I will never forget my “Fiji Soul Sisters”, all I have is love in my heart for you and my new friendships.

Lian Gates

This last week in Fiji was an amazing and uplifting experience for me! I’d only ever done about 3 yoga classes in my life and I had never done meditation, I came to the Retreat with a blindfold on. Everything was new to me – I learned so much!

Belinda, you are the most amazing and uplifting person! I previously never enjoyed yoga as I felt it gave me no benefits BUT the way you implement Pilates, Yoga, stretching, breathing and meditation is truly amazing and I will be certainly pursuing this adventure when I get back home.

After experiencing meditation, I now want more and more! I hope I can find someone in my area that does it who can help me connect ‘within’ like you did as it was very powerful.

Belinda, you are a true inspiration! The emotions you help me shift have lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I look forward to my future – I am so, so grateful you have helped me on my path.

Thank you to the beautiful women who shared this experience – everyone has been amazing and played a role in making the experience life-changing!

Belinda Anderson you my lady are 1 in a million.

Christine Kelly

Belinda Anderson you are an inspiration! You are a beautiful lady, inside and out. Your infectious smile and bubbly personality are very contagious, and your dedication to your job is incredible! I registered for the Fiji Retreat only 3 days prior to departure, having no idea who you were or anything about you, but I trusted that I made the right decision. There was a reason I found you through my Google Search! I needed to leave Australia for immigration purposes, but upon arrival, I realized that I actually needed to travel for a lot more reasons – some that were only discovered after I met you.

It was my first time in over 6 years leaving my children (Lily 6 & Sophie 4). I felt anxious, nervous and a tad excited about this once in a lifetime adventure. I suffered headaches for 6 weeks prior to this journey and within a few days of the relaxed lifestyle in Fiji, I didn’t feel the tension any more.

I learned a lot about myself and have adopted a few new habits, but most importantly, I learned to take a deep breath and relax. I will now make an effort to slow down, and wake up a bit earlier to avoid that morning rush that starts my day off on the wrong track. I learned to leave the dirty dishes, and have been rescued from my obsessive compulsive behaviours. It’s okay if the house is not in perfect order and I now know how important it is for me to ‘shut off’, even if just for a few minutes during the day while I sit in peace and quiet.

I look forward to reading your book and from deep down, I’d really like to Thank You for making this happen and allowing me to release and unwind. You have taught me to ignore all of the BULA Crap and focus on ME!

Randi Gordon

The words “thank you” won’t and don’t seem to say enough. I would run out of paper to say what is in my heart.

You have given me the understanding and the tools to carry on my life in a positive mindset, to love myself, to be kind and gentle with my heart, body and soul. You have shown me how to let go and to forgive myself and others. You have allowed me to feel what it’s like to be set free from hurt and pain.

This amazing time spent on Retreat in Fiji with you and the other fantastic women who I now call my friends has been above and beyond what I ever imagined!

Thank you for your kindness, warmth, love, support and believing in me.

Wendy Toomer

I came to Belinda’s retreat for different reasons than most. I am a regular meditator, I write and I practice yoga. Over the past 3 years I have learnt how to take time for myself and recognise when I need a break from my very busy work schedule. However, I am not perfect! My good intention slip from time to time and I let life take over. I am also a widow, losing my husband 3 years ago.

Belinda’s retreat offered me the solution to two problems. Who do you go on holiday with when you are alone at 46? How about spending a week with 15 like-minded women? This was an idea I leapt at. The retreat also gave me a chance to stop and reconnect with myself in a part of the world that is very dear to my heart not to mention warm and stunningly beautiful!

The retreat gave me space to realise what had slipped recently and to settle back into a deeper connection with myself, my heart and my body. I also found space to pick up my writing again and made some lovely connections with the other women on the retreat.

Belinda’s natural positivity and gentle encouragement makes the retreat fun, relaxing and enlightening. She offers something unique and tailored to every woman regardless of background or prior experience. 5 days with Belinda is an investment in yourself and one that you won’t regret!

Paula McFarlane

Fiji Retreat Facilitated by Belinda Anderson. Life Coach.
It’s time for women to come together to flourish, blossom, grow, support, encourage, inspire and empower one another.
Belinda Anderson. Awaken Your Mind, Body and Soul

Terms and Conditions

(please ensure you read this before you make your booking)

Once you make the decision to book and pay for the Retreat, you are committing to attend. By registering you have agreed to the following terms:
1. This is a morally and legally binding agreement. Payments are non-refundable even if the Retreat has not yet commenced.
2. There is a NO REFUND policy as the payment is used to make the initial booking and to secure the package price.
3. A 10% late fee will be charged for payment not received, or unable to be processed, by each instalment due date.
4. If paying by payment plan, I understand that if, for any reason whatsoever, I do not make a full and complete payment, then I may no longer be eligible for this payment plan and I may be fully responsible for the total sum immediately.
5. If paying by payment plan and my payments consistently decline and my account is in default, I will also be responsible for any additional fees charged by the registered Collection Agency or legal team to handle receiving the full outstanding amount due.
6. I understand I am being charged in Australian Dollars and the actual charge on my credit card will depend on the exchange rate from Australian Dollars into my own currency at the time of the banks processing. I understand Belinda Anderson Pty Ltd charges in Australian dollars and has no control over the international exchange rates.
7. Before making my booking, I have read this agreement and accept all terms and conditions.