3-night Women’s Wellness Retreat

Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa
Uki, NSW (30mins south from Gold Coast airport)

24th – 27th June 2021
30th September – 3rd October 2021
14th – 17th October 2021
9th – 12th December 2021
20th – 23rd January 2022
24th – 27th Feb 2022
31st March – 3rd April 2022


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Experience unique and sacred moments of clarity, connection and consciousness at Uki Retreat
Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary…this retreat will help you reconnect with that sacred place within.

For soul seekers, inquisitive spirits… women who need some downtime to tune out.

This  3-night retreat will allow you to disconnect from your endless to-do-list, tiring demands and overall busyness of life. You will get to reconnect with “you” and immerse yourself in some well needed self-care. You will experience unique and sacred moments of clarity, connection and consciousness. This holistic and immersive experience will give you a taste of how uplifting it feels to reignite your mojo.

You will be surrounded by like-minded women facing similar challenges and who all share a common bond… the desire for self-discovery!

Daily you will move, and rest, your body, clear your mind, connect with your soul, and nourish your entire being.

You will emerge feeling rested, energised and inspired to take the insights and tools home and implement them into your daily life.

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.

Emerge from Uki retreat feeling rested, energised and inspired

Fully inclusive package:

  • Three nights’ accommodation in a single room with 5-Star eco bed. Furnishings are organic or biodynamic and all rooms, although modest in size, are conveniently located and have their own storage, shower, basin, and toilet.
  • One 1 hour organic massage.
  • 2 hour group healing spa circuit – water therapy for detoxification and rejuvenation, including sauna, steam room, ozone hydrotherapy spa and magnesium plunge.
  • Sacred Sound Healing session (also known as vibrational medicine).
  • A gentle and healing Yin Yoga class to take you on an inward journey.
  • Guided nature walk in the beautiful surroundings of Gymea.
  • 100% organic vegan food that will flood your body with goodness and leave you feeling full of vitality. Here’s an example of a desert to get your mouth watering: Panna Cotta topped with mango or peaches or nectarines or how about: Baked apple, fig, cinnamon & walnut crumble with cashew & rosewater ‘cream’.
  • Assorted teas/dandelion/coffee available at all times.
  • Seasonal fruit bowl available at all times.
  • Mindful movement – Pilates, yoga, meditation, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), breathwork, personal + spiritual growth workshops.
  • Fire ceremony: to release and let go of limiting beliefs and what no longer serves you.
  • Full use of the 20m long resort style magnesium swimming pool which enjoys incredible views of Mt Warning and the valley. Research suggests that 65% of the world’s population is Magnesium deficient and studies have proven that absorbing Magnesium through the skin (transdermally) is one of the most effective ways for the body to maintain healthy levels of this important mineral.
  • Transfers from Gold Coast airport at set times (before booking flights please ensure you connect with me).

About Belinda:

Belinda Anderson is a leading wellness retreat creator, leader and facilitator who has individually facilitated numerous life-changing international retreats. She is a certified NLP practitioner and life coach, mind/body mentor, energy healer who uses EFT and reiki, Pilates and meditation teacher, yoga lover, author, speaker, and change agent. Beneath those labels, Belinda is an everyday Aussie Mum and woman on an empowering soul-searching and self-discovery journey, walking the path of life like everyone else.

Through facing challenges in her own life, Belinda learned that the biggest change we can create begins with our own personal healing and transformation which resulted in her mission to help women understand that the greatest gift they can give themselves and their loved ones is their own self-development.

Take the plunge and invest in yourself at Uki Retreat

Your Investment:

Single room (1 person in a room)

Pay in full: $1,950

Pay in monthly instalments: $2,100
Deposit of $500 to secure your booking and then flexible monthly payments to suit your budget. Please contact me to discuss suitable arrangements. Full payment is required one month prior to the retreat commencing.

If choosing to pay by credit card via Paypal, fees & charges will apply.

To check availability, secure your place and make payment, please email: contact@belindaanderson.com.au

There is a stillness and a sanctuary... let the rooms of Uki Retreat be yours for 3 nights

Take time to do what makes your soul happy.

Some words from women who have attended this Retreat:

This is exactly what I needed to do and exactly where I needed to be. The past few days I connected with a much greater force. I opened my mind, heart and soul – in their fullest capacity – to the spiritual world and for that, I experienced things I could never even have imagined experiencing. Most importantly – I connected with myself on a deeper level than I ever have before, and one I can now admit I’ve been avoiding for a very long time. I’ve had minimal experience in meditation, and zero in spiritual healing – but I opened myself up to a myriad of new experiences and for that I am eternally grateful at what I achieved. This year I became extremely overwhelmed in many facets of my life. I admitted defeat in that I was burnt out, I questioned myself, my career and where / who I’m devoting my time to. And for the first time – I questioned me. Who I was. What I’ve come to realise is that it’s evident to me that I’m only now starting to discover who I really am. My true self. And after the past four days of some solid workshops & time out, I’m at peace with that and discovering who she is and the life she wants to lead.

Belinda is someone I’ve followed for many years on Instagram. I resonated with her words, her mindset, her way of living, but mostly her energy I could feel on a daily basis (yes, possible through a phone). I’ve wanted to do a retreat with her for a long time now but found I couldn’t bring myself to be separate from my kids, but also because I was petrified of what I would discover. But I bit the bullet and signed up and returned home an entirely new, enlightened person. Belinda, thank you will never be enough.


What you shared and the journey you took me on was magic – a pure, authentic, defining life moment, thank you.

I connected with myself on a level I only ever imagined. I finally accessed and unpacked all of my “dormant stuff”. I was able to let go of all the hurt, pain and suffering I carried around.

I now see things through new eyes. I can see the opportunity my painful experiences have given me and for this I am forever grateful. I can’t wait to unlock the magic within and start living out of imagination, not memories.

Thank you. You truly are a gift!


Well, well, well, I feel f*ckin awesome!

Thank YOU for the retreat. I LOVED it, it truly was divine timing for me. I am so grateful for the journey. I am grateful for you, honestly you’re a bloody good egg.

I have so much respect for what you do….completely SELFLESS.

There’s so much positivity in my life and going on the retreat just amplified it for me.

The retreats will definitely continue to be a part of my spiritual health and overall health from now on.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart sista.


This retreat is by far the best thing I have ever done for myself! It has given me way more confidence in myself, I don’t care as much about what people think of me and I can happily say I really like myself now and I love who I am becoming! (Courtney shared with us on the first day of the retreat that she didn’t like herself at all so reading that sentence is heart-warming).

Those few days away on retreat in Uki have changed my perspective on life! I experienced things I never would have opened myself up to experiencing in my life before retreat. Sound Healing was a big one for me; something I would never think of partaking in and I absolutely loved it. I also loved the yoga – something I always wanted to try but came up with excuses time and time again…now I’m heading to my first class on Saturday!

I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, Belinda. You say it how it is, no bullshit and that’s exactly what I needed. I have learnt so much from you and I can’t wait to go on retreat again. I truly admire you and aspire to be as strong and kind as you are!

You’ve helped me realise during one of our chats that this is the beginning of my journey and I am working on not overthinking it and trusting the process!

Gymea has a part of my heart. It is such a beautiful and special place. The bonds and friendships that we all formed while we were there has blown me away.

If you are thinking about doing a retreat with Belinda but are nervous/scared or worried. Stop thinking and just do it! There’s not a day that goes past that I don’t reflect on my time on retreat!


How do I even begin to describe the last few days?! I unraveled myself in ways I didn’t even think was possible. I connected with strangers on such a deep level and these women will undoubtedly be lifelong friends. I experienced a significant shift in myself as a result of meditation, yoga and spiritual healing. I forgave myself for things I didn’t know I was holding on to. I removed emotional blockages I didn’t know I had. I eliminated beliefs that were holding me back from being my true self. I discovered a love for yin yoga, sound healing, mother nature and most importantly; myself.

Belinda; you are truly a beautiful soul who gives so much of yourself to others. You helped me heal in a way I didn’t think was possible. You helped me see a light in myself that has been dimmed for so long. In four days you taught me SO MUCH! I’m so honored and grateful to have been in your presence and to have taught me what you know. From the bottom of my heart; thank you.


I was asked by my partner ‘how was it?’ I honestly can’t even put the whole experience into words. There are no words powerful enough to express. I am so truly grateful the universe put you in front of me. You have honestly changed my life!

The tools you have provided me and how I see things different now, it’s incredible. The communities you create and the way you hold a safe space for all of us is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

Thank you for everything, from deep within my soul, I will have a lifetime of debt to you. You will forever hold a special place in my heart.


Just thought I would pop by and say hello and to let you know how my life has changed since the retreat in Uki. As you know I had a back injury and was suffering a lot with sciatica when I attended. I also wanted to reconnect with myself following a very difficult year and having a stressful job as an executive in the health care system.

The week in Uki allowed me the space to be myself, nourish my body and soul with healthy food, meditation and yoga. More importantly I was nourished by the energy of the women there – all of us on our personal journeys. I faced a deep truth within me and realised that things needed to change. The creative part of my soul was dying and that needed to change. So I handed in my notice at work. I’m taking a gap year to focus on my passion for writing and finally complete a memoir about when I was a hostage in Iraq in August 1990 following Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait. It is a story I have carried around inside me for over 28 years and now is the time.

I’m finding my writing tribe and taking the time to access my memories along with nourishing my soul. I have started yoga and meditation. I’ve also dipped my toe into putting my words out into the world and on Tuesday started a blog that you have helped encourage me to do.

The best part is I get to come back to Uki with you on retreat in December with my daughter and do it all again! Thank you for the work you do in encouraging women to live an authentic live and be true to ourselves. You are an important part of my journey


I went on the retreat in Uki feeling lost and confused as to where my life was going. I allowed myself to be completely open to all of the things I experienced and to connect with the other women I shared this special journey with. I have never been more privileged to be part of such an awesome group of strong, inspirational women.

The knowledge and insight I left with is like nothing I have ever felt! Not to mention the special connections and friendships I will now treasure. I have gained so much clarity in such a short amount of time. I cannot thank Belinda enough for taking me on this soul healing journey. I will forever be grateful.


I look forward to personally meeting you and helping you re-connect within, rest, relax, and let go, so you can return home feeling energised and replenished. 

Love & Light,

Terms and Conditions

(please ensure you read this before you make your booking)

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  2. There is a NO REFUND policy as the payment is used to make the initial booking and to secure the package price.
  3. A 10% late fee may be charged for payments not received, or unable to be processed, by each instalment due date.
  4. If paying by payment plan, I understand that if, for any reason whatsoever, I do not make a full and complete payment, then I may no longer be eligible for this payment plan and I may be fully responsible for the total sum immediately.
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  7. Before making my booking, I have read this agreement and accept all terms and conditions.